Is your home not your own?

Tired of sharing your house with mold? The first step in treating a mold problem is recognizing it. Since mold colonies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, this can be challenging. Colonies may hide within walls which makes them particularly difficult to detect. Even when they are visible, small spots of mold are often mistaken for dirt. This means that one of the best means of mold detection is smell. A musty odor anywhere in the house can be indicative of mold infestation. Once discovered, mold should be dealt with as soon as possible since its presence in a home can lead to several health issues. Symptoms of mold related allergies are the same as those of any other type of allergy. They may include wheezing, rashes, congestion, or itchy eyes.

While dealing with mold related problems and searching for a permanent removal strategy may seem overwhelming, there is a simple solution: EnviroShield™. An affordable application of EnviroShield™ performed by our approved encapsulators, can eliminate your mold issues and your worries.

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